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Faculty + Staff

Memorial PTO is dedicated to helping faculty and staff members! Some things we can help with: finding classroom volunteers, identifying class room parents, funding classroom supplies, field trips, enrichment activities, Cultural Arts programs, and more!


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us throughout the year with ideas, questions, concerns and requests! Please attend our monthly General meetings and make your voice heard!

If there is an item you need for your classroom, office, or the space you work at Memorial Elementary School, please fill out this Request Form. 


*You do not need to be a classroom teacher.*


The Memorial PTO filled countless Requests during the 22-23 school year and we are ready to do the same during the 2023-2024 school year. Last year, we were able to approve purchases of books, furniture, every day supplies, student prizes, calm down corners... and more. 


Please let us know what you need. We encourage you to attend the meeting in which we discuss your requested item(s) to assist in answering any questions parents may have. PTO General Meetings are held once a month on a Wednesday evening at 6:30PM in the Library. 

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