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Cultural Arts presentation: Sheryl Faye Presents!

We are so thankful to the Upton Cultural Council for giving Memorial PTO a grant to be able to host the wonderfully talented Sheryl Faye Presents last week! Memorial students enjoyed a thrilling performance about Helen Keller!

Principal Bell shared "The talented Sheryl Faye visited Memorial on Friday afternoon to portray the life of Helen Keller. The most fascinating part of this depiction is how she does not speak throughout the show, but rather uses a recorded narration of her life as she acts. This is because Helen Keller could only somewhat speak clearly by the time she was an adult, and so the speech she used in the performance was true to the way that Helen spoke in real life. Students were in awe, and it was fun to see their faces after the show when Sheryl did the questions and answers and they realized that she was not actually blind or deaf in real life."

Thank you Upton Cultural Council and Sheryl Faye Presents!

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